leg of hamWhenever I have a large gathering one of my favorites cuts to put on the smoker is the Leg Of Ham! There is plenty of meat to feed the crowd and it also provides me with the opportunity to create an awesome unique recipe that can make it a memorable experience. I want to note that this process does not include the curing process that is common. That process can take up to a week. This leg of ham was just as tasty as it looks! LEts dive into the recipe!

scored lamb

Leg of Ham With a Maple Cinnamon Glaze

Prep Time 1 hr
Cook Time 3 hrs 30 mins
Total Time 4 hrs 30 mins


Dry Rub

  • 1 cup Brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp Smoked paprika
  • 2 tsp Cinnamon
  • 2 tsp Coriander
  • 1/2 tbsp Dry mustard powder
  • 1 tsp Cumin
  • 1 tsp White pepper
  • 1 tbsp Salt
  • 2 tbsp Garlic powder

Maple Cinnamon Glaze

  • 1 cup Maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp Molasses
  • 2 tbsp Honey
  • 1 tbsp Turbinado Sugar
  • 1 tsp Ground cinnamon


  • The first thing I like to do is to remove the skin and expose the meat underneath. It can be time-consuming to do this but if you find the proper butcher they can do it for you. You want to make sure your ham is firm, or borderline close to freezing temperature. This will make the process much easier for your knife to put in the work.
  • Prep your dry rub and combine all the ingredients listed above. Now score your ham with the crosshatch technique. This will open the meat and allow the seasoning to penetrate deeper for a better flavor. 
  • Now that your ham is scored, apply your binder, I like to use mustard. This will hold the seasoning and when it starts to sweat it will draw the seasoning into the meat, cover the whole surface area. I like to season my larger proteins on a baking rack with a pan under to catch the extra seasoning. 
  • Start your charcoal and set your smoker up. Bring to an ambient temperature of 225 degrees. Right before you add the ham put a few chunks of whiskey barrel wood chunks for an awesome enhanced smoke flavor. 
  • At this time you sit and monitor the cook. You do this by making sure your smoker is holding its temp at 225, don’t freak out if you see it spike up to 235. Just give it another ten mins and if it jumps a bit more just close the bottom vent a tiny bit. 
  • About one hour in you can spritz, I like to use apple cider vinegar but you can get creative here, It’s up to you.
  • Once your internal temp reaches 125 make your glaze. At an internal temp of 135, you want to set your glaze.
  • Pull the Leg of Ham at an internal temp of 145 and let rest under aluminum foil for one hour. 
  • Carve into your wonderful masterpiece, enjoy it with family and friends!
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Items Used in This Recipe


Heat Resistant Gloves

Fogo Charcoal

Whiskey Barrel Wood Chunks

Mixing Bowls

Charcoal Chimney

Charcoal Baskets

Charcoal starters

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How do I keep my pork moist?

An easy way to keep your meat moist is while it’s resting, wrap it in foil. The foil captures the fat and juices after smoking. The juices reabsorb into the meat and create a braising effect.

What's the best temperature for pork?

Pork needs to be cooked to at least an internal temperature of 145 for it to be safe for eating. Getting it to this minimum internal temperature will keep the meat moister and not taste dry.

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