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Butterflied Leg of Lamb With a Garlic N Herb Marinade

I have become very fond of lamb as of late, I’m actually a little disappointed that I waited so long to get into it. Lamb is very lean and tender and can be utilized in many ways. Here, I have a butterflied Leg of Lamb that I flatten out and give it the proper treatment...


Braised Lamb Shanks

Have you ever tried a lamb recipe? Lamb shanks are not your common choice when you go to the butcher to get some lamb. But let me tell you, it’s an amazing cut and when you braise it, it breaks down the fat and becomes super tender. Also, all the delicious flavor penetrates deep into...


Garlic N Herb Marinated Loin Lamb Chops

Lamb is the most consumed protein on the planet, at 168 tons a year. Whenever I host and have guests over to the house my wife and I always agree to serve lamb. It has always been a success and one of my main recipes is Garlic and Herb Loin Lamb Chops. The hardest part...


Garlic herb Crusted Lamb

Garlic herb-crusted rack of lamb is a delicacy meal that is highly recommended when a lamb recipe is mentioned. This is my version of it and let me tell you, it’s mighty tasty. All the ingredients are available at your local grocery store and the total time involved is around 1 hour and 45 mins,...