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Sausage and Chorizo Queso Bread Bowl

With the playoffs coming and people getting together, I figured this is the proper time to release my epic Sausage and Chorizo Queso Bread Bowl that will be more memorable than the playoff games themselves! Okay, let’s jump into this awesome recipe! Did you enjoy this chorizo queso bread bowl? You’ll love my other pork...


Chorizo Skewers Loaded With Cheese and Pico De Gallo

I could eat Chorizo every day of the week, it’s just amazing! What makes it better is when it’s cooking over sizzling hot coals and then it’s loaded with cheese and Pico De Gallo. I want to share my recipe so you can experience this awesome meal at home too. Let’s get to it! Did...


Kielbasas On Toasted Bread Rolls

My wife is Polish and absolutely loves some Kielbasas! I decided to step my game up and surprise her with some topped with my homemade Pico De Gallo! This recipe is simple and full of flavor! All the ingredients are common in your local grocery store which is a huge bonus! Let’s jump into the...