Game Day Brats

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Game Day Brats

Everyone loves a good brat, but these game day brats will take your brat loving experience to a whole new level. From the beginning with the griddle experience, the beer marinated brats, or the homemade Bourbon BBQ sauce to top it off, you will be ready to devour these throughout the whole cook! It’s a simple process and you can make an abundance of them to feed the whole crowd. Let’s get in the details below.


– 5-10 cheddar brats

– 16 ounces Larger beer

– 2-4 Jalapeños, seeded & diced

– 1 cup Fried onion chips

– 4-6 strips thick cut bacon, diced

– 1 1/2 cup of shredded smoked cheddar cheese


– 1 cup bbq sauce

– 1/4 cup brown sugar

– 3 tablespoons bourbon

– 2 tablespoons Dijon honey mustard


1) Marinade Brats in larger beer (16 ounces for 5 brats) for 2-4 hours. You can use a toothpick to poke holes in the casing so the beef gets in the meat easier.

2) Fire up your griddle and set your hot zones for cooking, Medium (350ish). Along with your pellet smoker side (set for 350)

3) Place the saucepan on the smoker side and let heat up for 10 mins. Once it’s hot enough add bbq sauce, bourbon, brown sugar & honey Dijon mustard. Simmer for 10-15 mins and let cool down.

4) Now Grill your Jalapeños & Bacon.

5) Once they start to get a nice sizzle to place your brats (dry them off) on for 2-3 mins and then flip for another 2-3 mins. Make sure you do this consistently till your brats reach an internal temp of 155ish.

6) Once your flip brats place shredded smoke cheddar cheese inside your hotdog buns (preferably brioche). Make sure your smoker is set to 350 and place buns with cheese in the smoker (indirect heat) until toasty and melted cheese.

7) Pull the jalapeños & bacon, sit on the side plate until you start the assembly. 

8) Stage your toasted buns with melted cheese and assemble. Brats, fried onion chips, diced bacon, bourbon bbq sauce, jalapeños. 

9) Serve and enjoy!