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Spice Rub Sirloin Steak

Top Sirloin Medallions are the cut from the top sirloin. The cap is taken off, then it is cut in half down the middle with the grain. It’s not the most desired cut of beef but this spice rub recipe can help enhance the meat to make it a pleasurable experience. While making this recipe...


Picanha With Chimichurri

Picanha is one of the most popular cuts of beef in Brazil and has been introduced to the United States recently. If you have not had it before I’ll leave you with this, It’s one of the tastiest cuts of beef I’ve ever had. Other related names are top sirloin cap, rump cover or rump...


Butter Basted New York Strip

  This is the only method I use for my NY Strip steaks! It involves butter, garlic, thyme & onion on a smoking hot cast iron! It doesn’t get much better than this! EQUIPMENT USED IN THIS RECIPE Napoleon Kettle Charcoal chimney Fire starters Heat Resistant Gloves Meater Probe For more beef recipes, click the...