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Our Journey - Grill Nation

       Some of the fondest memories James has growing up are of the hours his family spent around the grill. Whether it was chicken, burgers or hotdogs they were always favorites of his and his brothers. To the Brown family grilling wasn’t just about food, it was about spending time together, bonding and creating life long memories.

       It only made sense that after James joined the Navy he would carry on the tradition. James remembered the joy and memories grilling brought him as a child and sought to bring that same atmosphere to his new set of brothers and sisters. In between deployments James made a point of building camaraderie with his fellow service members from behind the coals of his grill. 

       What started as a hobby for James seemed to have become a career over night. After the success of his Facebook group James grew the confidence to start posting his tutorials on Instagram and Tik Tok. James’ goal is the same today as it always has been. To give people the techniques, recipes and tools to create life long memories through the joy of grilling.

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