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Spice Rub Sirloin Steak

Top Sirloin Medallions are the cut from the top sirloin. The cap is taken off, then it is cut in half down the middle with the grain. It’s not the most desired cut of beef but this spice rub recipe can help enhance the meat to make it a pleasurable experience. While making this recipe...


Chipotle Chili Coffee Bone-in Ribeyes

Chipotle Chili Coffee dry rub may sound unusual but I promise this combo will add tremendous flavor to your steak. Today, I decided to get myself two massive bone-in ribeyes that I’m going to apply the dry rub to for a delicious family dinner. I used chipotle chilli powder and ground espresso for this recipe,...


Filets With a Mushroom Compound Butter

Adding a tablespoon of compound butter on top of your steak during resting can take your homemade steak to another level and give it the restaurant-quality flavor.  I made Filets today and wanted to share my Mushroom Butter recipe so your next experience can be elevated. This butter recipe is good for ribeye, porterhouse, filets...


Butter Basted New York Strip

  This is the only method I use for my NY Strip steaks! It involves butter, garlic, thyme & onion on a smoking hot cast iron! It doesn’t get much better than this! EQUIPMENT USED IN THIS RECIPE Napoleon Kettle Charcoal chimney Fire starters Heat Resistant Gloves Meater Probe For more beef recipes, click the...


New York Strip With a Compound Butter

When it comes to my three favorite cuts of beef (Ribeye, NY Strip & Filet) a compound butter can elevate the experience. For these delicious strips, I made my Parmesan Fall Steak Butter. I made my butter an hour before I began to season my steaks. I do this so after I form my butter...


Boneless Ribeye With an Onion Cream Sauce

Ribeye is one of my favorite cuts of beef! It has the proper amount of fat that creates a super tender and juicy steak! I first sprayed my steaks with duck fat and then seasoned my steak with Salt, Pepper & Paprika. I then set my charcoal kettle up for indirect at 300 degrees. Once...

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