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Roasted Garlic NY Strip Steak With Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

I said it once and I’ll say it again, steak and potatoes are the best combo ever! This time, I did something a little different and roasted garlic to spread on my steak and then I mashed the potatoes. This recipe is just amazing and it’s perfect for an impressive date night, too! Let’s get...


The $100 Steak Burrito

Okay, I want to address this first, you do not need to have a $100 steak for this steak burrito! You can definitely do this recipe with skirt steak, flap steak, flank or sirloin. Now that that’s over with… This burrito will be on your menu a few times a month! It’s massive and full...


Ribeyes With a Jack Daniels Marinade

I typically don’t marinade any quality ribeye because it’s the supreme cut of beef and I tend to enjoy the taste of the meat as is. But when I started messing around and brainstorming this Jack Daniel’s marinade and I had three prime ribeyes in the fridge I had no choice but to use them....


Surf N Turf Compound Butter

I absolutely love some surf n turf! I love to make my delicious Parmesan AND herb compound butter for both my tomahawk and lobster tails. I want to share my recipe with you so you can have the same experience I have every time. I can’t forget to mention that I went all out with...


Steak and Potatoes With a Mushroom Cream Sauce

Steak and potatoes are the ultimate combo! This time we will take our potatoes up an extra notch and create a delicious mushroom cream sauce that will complement the steak and taters. This recipe will take some time just because of the preparation and cooking of the potatoes but I promise it will be worth...


Bone-in Ribeye With A Chipotle Compound Butter

When it comes to grilling steak I believe in getting the best quality for what you can afford. For me, I always go with bone-in ribeyes! I get them at least 1” thick and go for good marbling (quality). This is where I just simply log in to my Crow Cow ( ) and...


Asian Marinated Flank Steak

Flank steak is a cut of beef taken from the abdominal muscles or lower chest of the cow, and I love to marinade flank steaks. They are one of the best cuts of beef because they can be utilized in many ways for different cuisines. Here I make an Asian inspired marinade and grill directly...


Spice Rub Sirloin Steak

Top Sirloin Medallions are the cut from the top sirloin. The cap is taken off, then it is cut in half down the middle with the grain. It’s not the most desired cut of beef but this spice rub recipe can help enhance the meat to make it a pleasurable experience. While making this recipe...


Chipotle Chili Coffee Bone-in Ribeyes

Chipotle Chili Coffee dry rub may sound unusual but I promise this combo will add tremendous flavor to your steak. Today, I decided to get myself two massive bone-in ribeyes that I’m going to apply the dry rub to for a delicious family dinner. I used chipotle chilli powder and ground espresso for this recipe,...


Filets With a Mushroom Compound Butter

Adding a tablespoon of compound butter on top of your steak during resting can take your homemade steak to another level and give it the restaurant-quality flavor.  I made Filets today and wanted to share my Mushroom Butter recipe so your next experience can be elevated. This butter recipe is good for ribeye, porterhouse, filets...

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