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Lemon Pepper Wings

I am a huge fan of wings, not only because I love chicken, but because of the variety of ways you can prepare them. Here I present to you one of the best chicken wing recipes I’ve ever made “Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings”. The best part about this recipe is that all the ingredients can...


Honey Soy Marinated Drum Legs

These Honey & Soy drum legs are one of my favorite recipes to date! The flavors complement one another and with a nice 4-hour marinade ever bite will be mouth-watering. You can also use it for any chicken bbq, which I highly recommend. The only thing I suggest is the larger size of the meat...


Korean BBQ Wings

I love a good spicy Korean bbq recipe. This one will have some kick but also has a sweet addition to keeping it cool and enjoyable. You can make these for any occasion. To be honest, you don’t even need a reason besides being hungry. I’ll walk you through the process with all the ingredients...


Cilantro Lime Chicken Drums

Chicken Drum Legs is my favorite part of the chicken to make. There is an abundance of recipes and techniques for cooking them and here I decided to give them a Cilantro Lime Marinade. Also, I broke out my sword skewers can be cooked them directly over some nice hot coals (just like the picture...


Parmesan Garlic Wings

If you love Parmesan and Garlic then this recipe is for you! It’s packed with delicious flavors and it’s as simple as a few easy ingredients that you should be familiar with! With sports happening (World Series & NFL) these wings will be a huge hit for your tailgate! Let’s jump into this mouth-watering recipe...