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Chopped Cheese Potato wedges

The Chopped cheese potato wedges are the most gluttonous thing I have ever made and I just wanted more of it! I took the idea of a Chopped Cheese and decided to put it on top of fried potato wedges… Possibly the smartest thing I have ever done! Okay, let’s jump into the recipe! DID...


Grillnations Signature Grilled Wings

I love to experiment with sauces for chicken wings, that’s how I stumbled across my signature grilled chicken wings, or “GRILLNATIONS SIGNATURE WINGS”. Chicken wings are iconic in the United States, in 2019 it’s estimated that 1 billion wings were consumed that year. Grilled wings also have significantly fewer calories than deep-fried wings! With that...


Honey Soy Marinated Drum Legs

These Honey & Soy drum legs are one of my favorite recipes to date! The flavors complement one another and with a nice 4-hour marinade ever bite will be mouth-watering. You can also use it for any chicken bbq, which I highly recommend. The only thing I suggest is the larger size of the meat...


Korean BBQ Wings

I love a good spicy Korean bbq recipe. This one will have some kick but also has a sweet addition to keeping it cool and enjoyable. You can make these for any occasion. To be honest, you don’t even need a reason besides being hungry. I’ll walk you through the process with all the ingredients...