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Maple Habanero Chicken

I love some sweet heat and this maple habanero chicken was the best. It’s very simple and will please anyone who has the opportunity to eat it. You can do this with any chicken you grill up. For me I went with drum legs but wow would it be amazing with chicken wings! Okay, let’s...


Smoked Chipotle BBQ Chicken

Spatchcock Chicken can cut your whole chicken cooking time in half. I always go this route unless I am doing a rotisserie chicken, then I will leave it whole. This recipe is perfect for any occasion, I start off with a buttermilk brine and then coat the bird with some delicious seasoning right before a...


Chicken Halves With an Alabama White Sauce

One of my favorite bbq recipes of all time is Chicken Halves with Alabama White Sauce! It’s perfect for anytime you are wanting to fire up the grill and bbq for some friends and family. It’s fairly simple and the toughest part of the whole recipe is waiting the 2-4 hour window for the brine...


Grilled Teriyaki Wings

Grilled Chicken Wings are hands down the best, but making my homemade Teriyaki sauce just takes this recipe to a whole new level of deliciousness! It starts with a simple seasoning mixture that’s finished off with cornstarch for that extra crisp skin. The sauce is simple and you can make these anytime of the week....


Grilled Chicken Tacos

Grilled Chicken Tacos have been a staple during the weekend in my household. Everyone from the kids to guests fall in love with this recipe. The delicious chili seasoned grilled chicken gets complimented by the perfect pairing of roasted corn salsa. The best part is that this recipe is quite simple and can be done...