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Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches are top 5 on my all-time list to make and to eat. Everything about them is satisfying and they have always stolen the show when I made them. I want to share my recipe with you so that you can have the same amazing experience. Okay, let’s jump into the recipe! Items...


Maple Habanero Chicken

I love some sweet heat and this maple habanero chicken was the best. It’s very simple and will please anyone who has the opportunity to eat it. You can do this with any chicken you grill up. For me I went with drum legs but wow would it be amazing with chicken wings! Okay, let’s...


Chicken Supreme Crunchwrap

Crunch Wraps are well known by Taco Bell but after you have had one it takes your mind to places to create your own versions. I am making a Chicken Supreme Crunchwrap that gives a Crunchwrap a whole new purpose. The first decision is “chicken breast” or “chicken thighs’ ‘. To me this isn’t even...


Grilled Chicken With Chipotle BBQ Sauce

This grilled chicken recipe really brings out all kinds of good techniques and flavors! I challenged myself to break down a whole chicken and then created my own delicious dry rub and homemade chipotle bbq sauce. It did not disappoint and it was some of the best dang chicken I’ve had In a long time!...


Nashville Hot Chicken Lollipops

The adult version of a lollipop comes in the form of a drumstick with a bit of creativity. Today I introduce you to Nashville Hot Chicken Lollipops that taste better than they look! It all starts with 24-hour pickle brine and then washed before a nice dry rub I made before I toss them on...


Peruvian Chicken Legs

Grilled chicken legs are a classic choice that everyone loves. In this recipe, I decided to put a little twist on a Peruvian dish that in the end, left me speechless and I absolutely love some Peruvian cuisine. These grilled chicken legs are some of my favorite to make! This is my twist on a...