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Boneless Ribeye With an Onion Cream Sauce

Ribeye is one of my favorite cuts of beef! It has the proper amount of fat that creates a super tender and juicy steak! I first sprayed my steaks with duck fat and then seasoned my steak with Salt, Pepper & Paprika. I then set my charcoal kettle up for indirect at 300 degrees. Once...


Poor Mans Burnt Ends

Poor mans burnt ends are common for people because of the convince of the beef that is used to make them. Here, we use the cut of beef known as the Chuck Roast. This is a great cut of beef that is very affordable, and the beef is perfect because the same concept can be...


Herb Crusted Prime Rib With a Butter Baste

Prime Rib is a delicacy protein and it can be found in over 20% of families dinner tables during the holiday season. I love to make my own herb crust and take it low and slow. During the low and slow I’ll make a herb butter baste to enhance that flavor that makes everyone satisfied...


Mushroom Swiss Cheeseburger

This Swiss Cheese & Mushroom burger recipe is absolutely delicious! It’s simple and takes no time to have dinner on the table. I’ve made this multiple times for friends and family and every time I have had at least one anti mushroom guest. They arrived anti mushroom guest and left as fans of this recipe!...


Garlic and Herb Rib Roast

  Prime Rib is the delicacy protein at any dinner table. I find myself making one every month or other month. It’s the perfect meat for a juicy tender meal and you can do so many recipes to enhance the experience. Here I want to share one of my favorite recipes for Bone-in Prime Rib....

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