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Pulled Pork Queso Dip

Pulled Pork Queso is the only recipe you need whenever you are having a get-together and you want them to remember the appetizer over the main meal. This recipe is one my family and friends continually harass me about because it’s so delicious! Okay, are you ready for the best Queso recipe you ever had?...


French Onion Dip Sliders

These French Dip Sliders are absolutely fantastic and will be perfect for any get together or family dinner night. It’s pretty simple but time-consuming, but well worth it! Okay, I have nothing else to say but it’s amazing! Let’s jump into the recipe. DID YOU ENJOY THESE FRENCH ONION DIP SANDWICH SLIDERS? CHECK OUT MY...


Spicy Maple Salmon Bites

Spicy Maple Salmon Bites are the perfect weeknight dinner! You will need to plan this meal a day prior, as a cure will be needed overnight… Trust me, it will be well worth it. The recipe calls for two whole fillets but you can cut the ingredients in half for just one filet. Plus, I...


Honey Adobo Butter Poached Lobster Tails

Lobster is by far my family’s favorite protein from the sea, just like ribeye is of the land! I always try to find different ways to make my lobster tails and I have heard of the butter-poached technique, so what do I do, I make haha! It was the most delicious lobster recipe I have...


Holiday Ham Recipe

Our family has come to the point where we favored smoked ham over Turkey (unless it is fried) for the holidays. It’s a long process but well worth the effort and to be quite honest it’s one of the most joyful feelings ever when the whole family is gobbling up the ham and sharing lasting...